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What Is a Particulate

Definition: Particulates are small, distinct solids suspended in a liquid or gas. Also Known As: particulate matter Examples: Dust and soot are particulates in air.

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The Crucible †Performance Review Free Essays

The Crucible A joint cast from Melbourne High School and Mac. Robertson Girls’ High School were recently involved in a production of Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. The cast, led by Gilbert Stalinsfield as John Proctor and Greta Nash as Elizabeth Proctor, was able to captivate the audience for an the entirety of the performer. We will write a custom essay sample on The Crucible – Performance Review or any similar topic only for you Order Now Director Anne-Marie Brownhill’s interpretation of the play, while short, allowed for each actor to contribute his or her own ideas to the story without removing the overlying theme of the empowerment provided through lies and playing on people’s fears. Each actor showed a deep understanding of the plot and was able to convey the message about McCarthyism and the symbolism of the witch hunts for the way people were suspected and persecuted in the 50s when McCarthy was most influential. Miller’s work successfully illustrates the parallels between the series of events that occurred in the late 1600s known as the Salem Witch Trials and the events that had been occurring during the time that The Crucible was written in the 1950s. The combined cast from Melbourne High School and Mac. Robertson Girls’ High School were incredibly impressive in their demonstration of these issues and the effects that these situations can have. Leading the female cast was Year 11 Alexandria Liistro. A shock choice for the role, Liistro understood her character and was able to portray the vindictive Abigail Williams to perfection. The seduction of John Proctor and lying to the judges appeared to come naturally in this wonderful performance, which employed the technique of realism to enable the character to be understood by the audience. It was hard to find a member of the audience who, after seeing the play, didn’t feel a sense of disgust towards the way Williams had acted throughout the plot. Liistro seemed to play on this disdain shown towards her and her character by not only the audience but also the actors on stage. She truly showed the manipulative nature of Abigail Williams. The gentle giant James Ness was very cleverly chosen to play Judge Danforth, the deputy governor of Massachusetts that presided over the Salem Witch Trials in this play. Ness’ giant stature and booming voice commanded attention as he delivered a pitch-perfect performance. The way in which Ness was able to control an entire act with his presence throughout the trials of Elizabeth Proctor, played by Greta Nash, made for very intense and enjoyable theatre. Ness was also able to convey the subtle compassion that Danforth has when he is offering Proctor the chance to save his own life by admitting to the heinous crime of devil-worshipping. The power in the delivery of every line by James Ness sent shivers through the audience and kept them interested from the first time he is seen on stage until the end of the play. The choice of costuming was very successful in portraying the true intentions of each character. Abigail Williams was dressed in a black with a red headband, showing the evil that litters her soul, while the rest of the girls that were testifying against ‘the devil’ in court were wearing black with green headbands, showing the confusion and sickness that dominated their understanding of what they were doing. The green of the headbands worn by the group of girls were matched with the green light used in the first act when Betty Paris has fallen sick due to the witchcraft that has been performed. Both John Proctor and Elizabeth Proctor wore lighter colours dominated by white and light greys. This choice of colour was to display the purity and innocence of these two people, despite what was happening around them. Secondary characters that cared only a little bit about the witch trials that were occurring but only for selfish reasons, like Giles Corey, were placed in costumes dominated by greys to show both the good and the evil in them. The set design and direction for this interpretation of The Crucible was very well thought out. The early acts of the performance are dominated by a very crowded stage by both actors and props. This adds to the effect of the confusion that is intended displayed throughout the beginning of the play. As the acts continue, it appears as though there is more and more unoccupied space on the stage to allow for the real message of the play to be conveyed through the words of the story and the performance of the actors. The stage for the final act is completely bare and very few actors are on stage at once. This set being stripped for this section was so that the raw emotion delivered through the acting was more powerful and more easily observed and understood. The set appears to be a symbol for logic and altruism. As the play continues, so does the logic and altruism displayed by any of the characters. How to cite The Crucible – Performance Review, Papers

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Business Expansion of Nevada Ltd in Brazil †

Question: Discuss about the Expansion of Nevada Ltd in Brazil. Answer: Introduction Business expansion is a very critical decision of any business and is undertaken after considering a lot of different factors. Expanding within the nation is still easy in comparison to expanding in a different nation, of which the company is not aware. This is particularly with regards to the details and the real time problems which can be faced in such different nation (Grnig and Morschett, 2017). So, before setting up a permanent branch in a different nation, the businesses often opt for setting up a temporary base in the target market. And in this context, there are three different options which would be concentrated upon in this discussion, i.e., agent, distributor and joint venture (Schlegelmilch, 2016). This analysis is being conducted for Nevada Ltd (a fictional company), which has a business of making chocolates and is presently located in France. The target market of the company is Brazil, which is located in Central America. The reason for targeting Brazil is that the company can set up base in Brazil in long term for getting the Brazilian chocolates which is gaining demand in international market (Vishnefske, 2017). For this expansion strategy, the three options available before the company have been analysed. Selection of Best Option: Agency The first option available with the company is to go for an agency as a mode of expanding in Brazil. In this regard, they would have to hire an agent in Brazil, or a higher number of agents, who would be selling the products of the company in Brazil. An agent would have to be hired from Brazil, who would work as per the instructions of Nevada Ltd and would work as per the authority given to him. For this work, the agent would be trained by the company and would also be given a commission for the work undertaken (Boundy, 2016). There are different advantages and disadvantages of opting for an agent. The biggest advantage of going for agent as the option is that the ownership of goods remains in the hands of the principal. So, the name of the principal is continued even when the product is sold elsewhere. Also, the principal can train the staff as per their needs and train them accordingly. The agents are paid commission, which does not prove to be a burden on the price of the product (Nguyen, 2007). The principal is also able to control the sale activities and the sales network development can be undertaken by the principal which gives them control over the entire process. Another major advantage of agency is that it helps in saving costs and money for the company as the feasibility of a project can be analysed on the basis of establishing agency in a foreign nation. Lastly, it brings special skill set of the agents and also the knowledge of the local markets (Noonan, 2010). An agent is a person who acts for the principal and on the basis of the authority given by the principal. In this lies the biggest disadvantage of agency, where the principal gets the liability which is raised from the work done by the agent (Morse, 2010). This can even take place when the agent works out of the authority given to him. This happens in cases of apparent authority, or in cases of implied authority. In implied authority, as the name suggests, the agent is implied to have the authority to conduct a particular task to the third party (Cahn and Donald, 2010). In ostensible or apparent authority, the agent apparently holds the requisite authority to undertake a particular task. As a third party cannot know for certain if an agent does not have the requisite authority and is shown to have the relevant authority, the principal is made liable for the acts undertaken by the agents, even when the same are beyond the express authority given to such agents (O'kelley and Thompson, 2017). The agency form is not feasible for Nevada Ltd because the company does not have much knowledge of the markets of Brazil and selecting the best agent is also a critical decision. The agent would not be able to find sources for the company, particularly for the availability of Brazilian chocolates and would also bring high liabilities for the company. Distributor Another option available with the company is to go for a distributor. A distributor is a person who is hired by the individuals and such person purchases the goods from one person and sells it in the name of his own to others. Thus, the brand name of the individuals is lost. The distributor sells the products to his customers and the person from whom he acquires the goods only gets the position of a manufacturer (Mullet, 2017). As was the case with agents, distributors also have a number of advantages and disadvantages. The key advantages of this form are that the acceptance of the product offered by the company can be attained by the consumers without having to keep the name of the company on line. This allows the company to adopt with different products and then bringing forwarded the best product in their own name (Murphy Marketing, 2016). Also, the companies have greater liberty as they do not have to keep an eye on each and every aspect of the sale, as is to be done in case of agent. The distributor can offer different services like after sale services which makes this form more attractive to the consumers. Also, for the acts of distributor, the principal cannot be made liable as they sell the product under their own name, thus making them liable to the general public (Alliance Expert, 2017). However, this form has more disadvantages in comparison to its advantages. The ownership of the products is lost by the manufacturer as the distributor sells the product on their own name. The distributor has to be paid a separate amount which is added to the costs of the product, making it costlier. And in order to keep the price of the product as the same, the company has to absorb this additional cost, thus decreasing their profits (Scotter, 2017). The identity of the company is lost as the products are not sold under their name; and they lose the entire control as they can neither train the employees of the distributor nor can they ask them to act in a particular manner. Most importantly, a distributor often sells different products which are acquired from different parties. This means that the focus of the distributor is always distributed and so, the company loses when the distributor is not focused on their product (Salzano, 2014). This form is also not suitable for Nevada Ltd as adoption of distributor would mean that the company losses out their personality and their name, in addition to the control over the product and its selling process. Joint Venture The last option available before the company is to opt for a joint venture. A joint venture is the union formed between two or more companies or business entities, in order to carry out a particular task, which is time based. In a joint venture, the parties share ownership, risks, and profits/ losses on the basis of the percentage covered under the joint venture agreement. Also, the venture comes to an end upon the completion of the purpose for which it was drawn. So, it allows the skills and resources of certain entities to be clubbed for temporary period and for certain objectives (Killing, 2012). The key advantage of a joint venture form of structure is the wide resource pool. The business entities are able to contribute different skill set between the people. In this regard, the finances, the ability to obtain debt, the goodwill, the people and the numerous other resources are used in a combined manner to attain the objective of the joint venture (Yeniyurt and Carnovale, 2017). This often allows an easy access in new markets, particularly when the case of emerging markets is involved. It also helps in saving costs for the companies as they are able to operate in a new market without having to incur high costs of establishing a permanent based in such new market (Morschett, Schramm-Klein and Zentes, 2011). Joint venture form also has different limitation which often makes this as an unlikely option for expansion of business. The prime one in this regard is the burden on one party of the entire venture. Often it happens that one party is left to contribute the resources and even to run the operations of the joint venture due to the lack of proper commitment of the other party of the joint venture (Campbell and Netzer, 2009). This not only results in disputes being caused but also results in the purpose of the joint venture not being attained. Apart from this, often the joint ventures are coupled with exclusive agreements, which restrict the parties of joint venture from forming new relations, even when the same prove more cost effective and favourable than the present venture (Wolf, 2011). In the case of Nevada Ltd, the best option before the company is to start a joint venture with a company of Brazil. This company should be one which has access to Brazilian chocolates. This would help the company in getting product from Brazil and than making them on their own as per the needs of the clients. So, the contribution of the other company would be in terms of the product and the manufacturer of this raw material would be done by Nevada Ltd. Terms of Joint Venture As joint venture came out as the best possible option for Nevada Ltd, the managing director of the company negotiated with the XYZ Incorporated which has the business of procuring Brazilian chocolates and selling it to others. This joint venture would enable the company in accessing the best product from Brazil and also in establishing a permanent branch in the nation on long term basis. However, before a joint venture agreement is formed, it is crucial to note that certain crucial elements have to be present in this agreement in order for the joint venture to be successful and one which is free from ambiguities and possible disputes as a result of it (Morais, 2014). Some of such key terms which have to be included in the joint venture agreement have been stated here. The first item from which a joint venture agreement begins is the details of the parties, the name of the venture, the registered office, and other basic details, which can help in identification of the joint venture (American Bar, 2017). The purpose for which the venture is being formed has to be clearly stated. The scope of the venture also has to be stated in terms of the activities to be done, the intellectual property or the technology to be used or transferred (American Bar, 2017). The next element is to state the applicablelaw under which the joint venture is being formed, the applicablelaws on the venture, thelaws which have to be applied during the winding up process of the venture and the laws which would apply if a dispute is raised in the venture (American Bar, 2017). The joint venture agreement needs to necessarily have a dispute resolution head which would guide the parties in such situations which a dispute is raised. This term helps in preparing the parties of the venture and in guiding them on the actions to be undertaken in case of a dispute. So, the agreement can provide if the parties have to go for arbitration to resolve their dispute and only after arbitration proves unsuccessful can a claim be made in a particular note. The detailing of the court is necessary to remove ambiguity with regards to where a claim can be filed for resolving a dispute raised under the formed venture (American Bar, 2017). The contributions, the rights, the profit sharing and the other such details have to be properly covered under the joint venture. This would allow each party to know their rights and obligations under the venture (American Bar, 2017). So, for instance in the case of Nevada, the venture would have to clearly provide that XYZ Incorporated would be giving the raw material of Brazilian chocolate, its quality, quantity and time period, to Nevada Ltd which would than transform it as per the needs of its clients. There is a need for the venture to provide what the structure of the board would be, the intervals of meetings of board and other relevant bodies, the governance details and the details of the key personnel of the venture (Saracens Solicitors, 2015). A very important term in any joint venture is the exit strategy and the end of the venture. The agreement has to clearly provide how the joint venture would end, the profit or loss sharing at its end, the manner in which the joint venture would be analysed, evaluated and valued at its end and also the manner in which a party of the venture could exit from the venture before the objective for which the joint venture was formed is concluded (Saracens Solicitors, 2015). The applicable tax regimes on the venture, including both direct and indirect taxation has to be clearly stated, apart from the relevant international taxation as applicable on the joint venture (Saracens Solicitors, 2015). Confidentiality agreement is a key part of joint venture agreements and this has to be included in the agreement being drawn so that none of the joint venture entities go to another party. This also helps the parties in restricting from disclosing the key terms of the venture or of the other entity which they learned from the formation of the joint venture formed herewith (Saracens Solicitors, 2015). The budget of the joint venture also has to form a part of the joint venture agreement to give a clear break-up of the costs of the joint venture and the required finances for undertaking this venture. This also helps in projecting the profits and losses of the joint venture proposed to be undertaken (Saracens Solicitors, 2015). Conclusion The previous parts of this report undertook a discussion on the various options which are available before Nevada Ltd for expanding its business in Brazil. The analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of agent, distributor and joint venture led to the conclusion being formed that as per the needs of the company, the best option for the company is to form a joint venture with a company of Brazil. In this regard, after carrying on the discussion with an entity of Brazil, which procures Brazilian chocolates and sells them, the company should opt for forming a joint venture with this company. This would help Nevada Ltd in making chocolates from the Brazilian chocolates supplied by XYZ Incorporated and also keeping its own image in the international market, which would not be possible in distributor model. The agency model has high liabilities, which again would prove disadvantageous for Nevada. Hence, the company should go ahead and form a venture with XYZ Incorporated for which it w ould have to form a joint venture agreement. And this report aptly highlights the different terms which have to be included in this agreement based on the needs of Nevada Ltd. References Alliance Expert. (2017) What is a franchise, distributorship or agency arrangement?. [Online] Alliance Expert. Available from: [Accessed on: 09/11/17] American Bar. (2017) Model Joint Venture Agreement. [Online] American Bar. Available from: [Accessed on: 09/11/17] Boundy, C. (2016) Business Contracts Handbook. Oxon: Routledge. Cahn, A., and Donald, D.C. (2010) Comparative Company Law: Text and Cases on the Laws Governing Corporations in Germany, the UK and the USA. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Campbell, D., and Netzer, A. (2009) International Joint Ventures. The Netherlands: Kluwer Law International. Grnig, R., and Morschett, D. (2017). Developing International Strategies. Berlin: Springer Berlin Heidelberg. Killing, P. (2012)Strategies for joint venture success (RLE international business)(Vol. 22). Oxon: Routledge. Morais, L. (2014) Joint Ventures and EU Competition Law. Portland: Hart Publishing. Morschett, D., Schramm-Klein, H., and Zentes, J. (2011) Strategic International Management: Text and Cases. 2nd ed. The Netherlands: Gabler Verlag. Morse, G. (2010) Partnership Law. 7th ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Murphy Marketing. (2016) Differences Between Agents and Distributors. [Online] Murphy Marketing. Available from: [Accessed on: 09/11/17] Nguyen, N.T. (2007) Agent and Multi-Agent Systems: Technologies and Applications. Poland: Springer Science Business Media. Noonan, C. (2016) Sales Management. Oxford: Butterworth Heinemann. O'kelley, C. R., and Thompson, R. B. (2017)Corporations and other business associations: cases and materials. The Netherlands: Wolters Kluwer Law Business. Salzano, L. (2014) 4 key differences between trade agents and distributors. [Online] TRSM. Available from: [Accessed on: 09/11/17] Saracens Solicitors. (2015) All You Need To Know About Joint Venture Agreements. [Online] Saracens Solicitors. Available from: [Accessed on: 09/11/17] Schlegelmilch, B. B. (2016) Global Marketing Strategy. London: Springer International Publishing. Scotter, L. (2017) Sales Agent Vs. Distributor. [Online] Chron. Available from: [Accessed on: 09/11/17] Vishnefske, J. (2017) Brazilian Chocolate. [Online] Santa Barbara Chocolate. Available from: [Accessed on: 09/11/17] Wolf, R.C. (2011) The Complete Guide to International Joint Ventures with Sample Clauses and Contracts. 3rd ed. The Netherlands: Kluwer Law International. Yeniyurt, S., and Carnovale, S. (2017) Global supply network embeddedness and power: An analysis of international joint venture formations.International Business Review,26(2), 203-213.

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Why did many homesteaders find it difficult to acquired good land in the West

The history of the United States proves that the Americans can be considered as a really powerful nation, because they coped with so many challenges on their way to success. At the middle of the 19th century till its end, lots of homesteaders faced one and the same problem – they could not get good land in the West. Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Why did many homesteaders find it difficult to acquired good land in the West? specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More As a rule, such difficulties appeared because of one document that was signed by Abraham Lincoln on May 20, 1862, known as the Homestead Act. In fact, the House of Representatives passed the act concerning the matter of homestead legislation for three times before the Homestead Act in 1852, 1854, and 1859. However, none of those attempts was successful. This is why many hopes were connected to the last act: homesteaders truly believed that they got an opportunity to develop their farms and get profits. Unfortunately, the conditions of the Homestead Act were not that successful for the homesteaders: it became more difficult to find and buy good land in the whole territory of the West. In order to find out what caused the difficulties for the homesteaders to buy good land, it is necessary to clear up what the conditions of The Homestead Act were. The conditions of that act were rather disappointing for many homesteaders, because many challenges were on their way to getting really worthwhile land: first of all, an application had to be filed, where a person, who was not born in the United States of America, claimed for 160 acres of Government land; secondly, the person, who got the land, had to live on that land and improve it during 5 years; and finally, after 5 years, the homesteader should file for a patent and prove that the land was improved. Only in case, all those steps were passed successfully, the land could be bought. T aking into consideration these conditions, it is possible to say that such land measurement and high pricing were aimed at Government generating but not at encouraging settlements. Unfortunately, many homesteaders just did not have an idea of how to improve or at least start their business, this is why the only thing they had to do is to file claims, work, and wait. Advertising Looking for essay on history? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More At the beginning of 1863, lots of pioneers starts populating the lands in the West: they built towns and schools in order to promote the necessary growth of the country. In order to get better land, a lot of homesteaders were eager to compete and use all their financial reserves. The process of industrialization made lots of people to think more about their future but not about their present. If a person wanted to achieve certain success, he/she should work hard for some period of time, and with time, observe outcomes and enjoy the profits. This is why the process of industrialization may serve as one more reason of why so many homesteaders could not acquire good land in the West. In general, the difficulties, the vast majority of homesteaders faced with while acquiring the good land in the West, are caused by two reasons: one of them is the process of industrialization that was spread over the United States of America at the end of the 19th century, and another reason is the conditions of the Homestead Act of 1862. At the beginning, it was too difficult to buy any piece of land because of high pricing and damages after the wars, and with time, people’s competitions became another challenge of the Americans. This essay on Why did many homesteaders find it difficult to acquired good land in the West? was written and submitted by user Dominik Pittman to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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The eNotes Blog eNotes Book Club OctoberFinds

Book Club OctoberFinds If you’ve been following our stories on the Instagram, you will have seen us post about our book club a few times. As literature experts, we’re constantly on the hunt for new and interesting stories to read. That’s why five of us decided to create an book club where each week, we discuss a new short story, poem, or essay. For the month of October, we each picked haunting short stories to get us in a spooky, Halloweeny spirit. If you’re looking for reading recommendations, look no further! â€Å"Teatro Grottesco† by Thomas Ligotti Hailed by The Washington Post as â€Å"the best-kept secret in contemporary horror fiction†, Thomas Ligotti arguably deserves this title- although Id prefer it if more people read and discussed his work. Imagine my joy when our reading group agreed to read the titular short story from his collection Teatro Grottesco. â€Å"The first thing I learned was that no one anticipates the arrival of the Teatro.† We quickly realized that the other thing we could not anticipate was the direction our analysis and discussion would take. Despite claims that Ligotti deserves to inherit the horror mantle from Lovecraft, â€Å"Teatro Grottesco† goes profoundly beyond cosmic horror and Eldritch monstrosities to stress the boundaries of our beliefs. The writing is literary, complex, and engaging- it is also frustrating, obtuse, and puzzling. â€Å"In a word, I delighted in the unreality of the Teatro stories. The truth they carried, if any, was immaterial.† At the beginning, we learn that the narrator, a writer of nihilistic prose works, is sharing his own Teatro story. So, what do we make of his claims that the Teatro tales are delightful but their truths are inconsequential? If the truth of the tale is nothing of substance, then what is the point- where is the horror? Make no mistake; several scenes are rightfully disturbing, from a visceral artists painting a moonlit night red to a photographers surreal encounter at the headquarters of T.G. Ventures. However, the horror of these moments only builds to the existential terror eventually revealed. â€Å"You can never anticipate the Teatro- or anything else. You can never know what you are approaching or what is approaching you.† We could not quite conclude just what the Teatro actually is. The story tantalizes, teases, and troubles. Read it carefully, but know that â€Å"The soft black stars have already begun to fill the sky.† - Wes â€Å"The Yellow Sign† by Robert W. Chambers A short story in his larger collection The King in Yellow, I selected â€Å"The Yellow Sign† for us to read because I had previously read a different story in Chambers’s collection, â€Å"The Mask.† I especially enjoyed the hints of mystery threaded throughout the piece. Chambers tells the story, but he doesn’t overtell- a tactic that kept us all wondering. â€Å"When I first saw the watchman his back was toward me.† Although he tells the story with an air of mystery that kept us all guessing, we noticed that Chambers tended to add a few too many extra details to his story. Some of us felt that these details didn’t necessarily add to the story and instead distracted from the â€Å"point† of the short story; this, in turn, led to questions about what’s â€Å"necessary† in a short story and whether or not rules for writing are arbitrary, taking our discussion outside of the realm of the story itself. â€Å"I could tell more, but I cannot see what help it will be to the world. As for me, I am past human help or hope.† â€Å"The Yellow Sign† by Robert W. Chambers is a great short story to read if you want to discuss omens and their place in storytelling. - Kate â€Å"Bog Girl† by Karen Russell After consulting with the oracles on what to read- i.e. Googling â€Å"good spooky short stories for a book club†- I found this short story by Karen Russell, originally published in The New Yorker on June 20, 2016. I wanted to pick a story by a female author I knew no one had read yet with, of course, various threads of interesting discussion to tug on. As I first read the story (and what made me ultimately choose it), I was anticipating what would happen next and was right, oh, about 0% of the time. The narrative was entirely unexpected, and, when compounded with the natural wordsmithing, I assigned it immediately. â€Å"In the Iron Age, these bogs were portals to distant worlds, wilder realms. Gods travelled the bogs. Gods wore crowns of starry asphodels, floating above the purple heather. Now industrial harvesters rode over the drained bogs, combing the earth into even geometries.† Our group particularly enjoyed the feminist themes and commentary on female bodies and personal agency as well as the interesting transitions employed by Russell. â€Å"The girls had matching lunches: lettuce salads, diet candy bars, diet shakes. They were all jealous of how little [the bog girl] ate.† My favorite part of the story is how Russell introduces Cillian’s Uncle Sean. I’ve since added â€Å"smearing† into my personal lexicon to describe such†¦ smearers. (You know the type.) â€Å"He smeared himself throughout their house, his beer rings ghosting over surfaces like fat thumbs on a photograph. His words hung around, too, leaving their brain stain on the air.† There are a lot of avenues of discussion to take with this piece, and we could have very easily talked about it for several more hours. I don’t want to give much more away, but this is a highly recommended, surprising, and well-liked piece for your next book club! - Sam â€Å"Winter† by Walter de la Mare Walter de la Mare is best known as a prolific poet, critic, and anthologist who contributed widely to the world of British letters in the early 20th century. His short stories, though seldom read today, stand among his best work. For our book club, I chose de la Mare’s 1922 story â€Å"Winter,† a sparse, enigmatic tale about a man who walks into a churchyard on a winter’s day and encounters something- or perhaps someone- he cannot explain. At the start of the story, the narrator tells us that â€Å"any event in this world- any human being for that matter- that seems to wear even the faintest cast or warp of strangeness, is apt to leave a disproportionately sharp impression on one’s senses.† The story that follows is both a confrontation with the uncanny and a probing of the mind. The narrator constantly questions his own senses and intuitions as he tries to account for the unaccountable. At the end of the story, the narrator describes the inexplicable being: a beautiful, angelic figure â€Å"in human likeness [but] not of my kind, nor of my reality.† The being looks in terror upon the narrator and his human world- the churchyard filled with its monuments of death- and disappears, returning to the reality whence it came. The narrator is left with both a longing to visit that realm and a deep feeling of distortion, for the ethereal visitor has revealed the rends and frayed edges of our map of reality. In riddling, poetic phrases that accrue like snow on a barren field, de la Mare serves up the best kind of supernatural tale: one which illuminates the mysteries of our world. A perfect read for the darkest season of the year. - Zack â€Å"Especially Heinous: 272 Views of Law Order SVU† by Carmen Maria Machado Every literary mailing list I’m on has been recommending Machado’s collection Her Body and Other Parties for months, so assigning â€Å"Especially Heinous† was a smug way to integrate personal reading with workplace obligations. â€Å"Especially Heinous† is composed of episode summaries for 12 fictional seasons of Law Order: SVU, ranging in length from 4 to over 150 words. Its sentences tend toward staccato rhythms and are objective- even clinical- as they describe events of absurdity and horror. For example, an episode from season one: â€Å"Misleader†: Father Jones has never touched a child, but when he closes his eyes at night, he still remembers his high school girlfriend: her soft thighs, her lined hands, the way she dropped off that roof like a falcon. Featured motifs: sexual violence; fairy-tale tropes (here, a triad of attributes); a haunting image offering neither context nor judgment. (Father Jones returns in season three.) I’m not sure this was a story anyone loved, but it offered a lot to discuss. The episodic structure left metaphors, and sometimes entire plot points, almost entirely up to personal interpretation, alienating some from the narrative. The objectivity of tone resulted in a divided readership: some readers found a lot of humor in the blatant absurdity of Machado’s narrative (the word â€Å"whimsical† was used); for others, that absurdity read as dark and ominous, engaging themes about cultural fixations and sexual violence. While all of us were interested in the story as an exercise in form, its success as a story was still up in the air as we left the table. â€Å"Especially Heinous† is interesting. It’s also hard (and for me, at least, emotionally exhausting) work. I want to go back and read it again, now that I know what I’m getting into, but book clubs, be warned: this is a rough one to unleash on unsuspecting coworkers. - Caitlin

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Msc IT Project Proposal - Title to be decided Thesis

Msc IT Project Proposal - Title to be decided - Thesis Example Current paper focuses on the methods used by a firm that operates in a specific industry, this of the martial arts, in order to improve its communication with its customers and therefore increase its performance. The firm under examination is a Judo club which is not well established in the market; it has entered the market rather recently – one year ago – and it seeks to increase its performance by improving its communication with its customers. It can be assumed therefore that the resources available for the achievement of the above targets will be limited. The chances for the achievement of the relevant plan will be explored and analyzed using a series of appropriately customized research methods. As already noticed above, the firm’s resources that are available for the realization of the relevant project – development of a communication website – are limited. The short presence of the firm in the market could be regarded as the main reason for the lack of necessary resources; however, there are firms that are developed quite quickly even if they operate for a short period within a particular market – this is the case of firms that use all resources available – referring not to the internal resources but also to the external ones, e.g. the funding options available in a specific market. It seems that the specific firm didn’t manage to ‘gain’ the support of the market until now (probably because no appropriate research was made to this direction). For this reason, it is necessary that all available resources of the firm will be employed in the particular effort trying to ensure the increase of its competitiveness within th e particular industry. Currently, the systems available for the completion of the specific project – communication website – are rather limited. The firm’s operation is based on a simple IT network consisting from 3 desktops that communicate through an